Saturday, August 3, 2013

Is it me or have nails gotten confusing?

Call me "old school" if you like, but I believe painting one's nails has gotten a bit confusing. I just can't keep up with the trends.
I have a whole board on Pinterest that's dedicated to nail art -- most of which I'm not even capable of duplicating myself. (Bet my nail salon is gonna love me for that remark -- more $ for them)

Originally, I thought it was trendy to use interesting colors.
Next the idea of "crackle" or "magnetic" ripple nail polish was cool.
And if you're weren't rocking gel polish (with or without the LED lamps) you were so "10 minutes ago."
Then it was the "french manicure" but with any color combination you wanted. (I'm partial to the glossy/matte combination of black polish called "tuxedo."
Or to flip it around as a "reverse" french manicure.
After that I was informed that you're supposed to make your ring finger a different color or have that one decorated a bit more. Thank goodness for press-on nail art!
Now it's textures like "fuzzy" or "Sugar coated" and holographic color-changing paint with metal flakes (aka glitter) in it.

If you ask me -- someone has to much free time on their hands or is creating a need that wasn't there before. LOL But don't you worry, I won't stop till I've tried them all!

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  1. Just think of it as more opportunity to sell nail swag! :-)