Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Coincidence, I think not!

Some days I wonder if coincidences are real or just in my head. The other day I get a mystery call from someone who's name I don't recognize on the caller ID. I ignore the first time but decide to pick up when they called me the very next day. The reason I didn't know the name, was it belonged to someone I didn't know. However, it turns out that the person on the phone was!

In my line of work, if you maintain a certain level of business you get free referrals from the company. I simply list 5 zip codes of towns I service and the next time someone from that zip code searches for a consultant, my name is one of several that will show up.

Well, to back you up a bit, in my youth I was a girl scout. I went to sleep away camp for several summers & one year I met 2 sisters. We became fast friends and stayed in touch for years. Then sometime at the end of high school our correspondence just stopped. I always wondered what happened to them after college but this was before the dawn of Facebook!

Fast forward to current day. When sister "K" meets a fellow consultant at a party. She doesn't buy anything then but months later is interested in something. So she goes to our website to find a new consultant in her area. Guess who's face she sees? Mine. She tells her sister "C" who strangely enough had been thinking of me as she was packing up her belongings to move out of New England. (I guess we took a lot of pictures back then -- before the advent of cell phone with cameras mind you.) 

So was it coincidence that I show back up in their lives at this very moment? We'll never know. I'll tell you one thing, I never turn down the gift of friendship. I'm looking forward to meeting up with sister "C" this weekend before she packs up to move out of state this spring.