Friday, January 11, 2013

Why am I doing this?

I recently was told people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. It took a few brain cells to wrap my mind around the concept but I think I get it now.

If folks like you & are inspired by you, they'll enroll themselves in your cause & follow your lead. You have to be sincere & act with purpose though.

I belive in helping mentor women into successful business owners, by teaching them time & money management skills. I want to empower them, so that they might dare to dream bigger and stretch themselves to accomplish more.

I do this through teaching & selling skincare & makeup.  I'm not just trying to make $ to pay the bills, I want the freedom of choices that it brings.

So with every client I share my story & what I hope to accomplish. I ask for their help in the hopes that together we can do great things.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Don't forget to say Thank You!

I recently learned the value of a simple Thank You. We have mostly become a fast paced, high technology society that seemed to have forgotten that people like acknowledgement. i.e. "To paraphrase, people have a sign over their heads that says "make me feel special."  (I too like that "good job" or "thank you" when I've completed a task for someone else.)

If it weren't for my positive attitude and energy, I wouldn't be where I am today. To reinforce this point, I firmly believe my gratitude towards others hasn't been forgotten. Actually, it often has paid me back ten fold. Recently, I met someone because he was a Broker/Owner of a Real Estate office near my home. I was just looking for some potential business and networking. Turns out I got much more than that. What I didn't know is he also is in the "appreciation marketing" industry. (What's that, you say?) Why it's the art of saying "Thank You" which has brought him additional income but more importantly, it has brought him customer loyalty.

My industry, pretty much is one of customer service. I help people take better care of their skin, in addition to feeling and looking better. I'm doing most of the giving, so why should I be the one saying Thank You? Because without their business, support and referrals, I'd be out of business. I feel that there is a direct relationship to the strength of your relationship with a client and the longevity of that relationship.

I've been doing some reading up and it's true. Many people save greeting cards and thank you notes long after they were given. More often than not, they just delete emails of the exact same nature. So if you had taken the time and small amount of money to buy a pack of thank you notes and mail them off, not only would you be supporting the jobs of the US Postal service, but you would be giving someone a piece of mail they actually WANT to take and open from their mailbox. (Honestly, my husband lets me get the mail, because in his mind it's "always bills." Yet the upbeat child in me always hopes for a card, a check, coupons or catalog.)

Last night on TV there was a human interest segment about a small business owner who is selling stickers that say "Happy Mail" on them, that folks can buy and put on their mail so the recipient knows it's something to look forward to. (I think I just might have to buy few couple sheets!)

PS Regarding the stationary, you can go green and use post consumer recycled stock. Also, hand delivering the note doesn't hurt either.